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Unlocking the BENEFITS OF

medicinal cannabis


from quality of seed to quality of sale

Unloc is a vertically integrated operation, controlling the entire manufacturing process, quality assurance, testing and dosing of medicinal marijuana.


World leading proprietary genetics optimized over a decade to treat specific ailments

Referenced by name in multiple peer-reviewed literature

Best-selling strains in Canada and Israel for over a decade

High CBD-strain, Avidekel, was named the first ‘highless marijuana’ by Reuters

Proprietary strains with direct traceble lineage grown only by Tikun

World’s only successful phase 2 double- blind cannabis clinical trials for Crohn’s Disease and Colitis

our mission

Unloc strives to be at the forefront of medical research and to understand the efficacy of the unique strains of medical cannabis


Quality of life for patients


Ensuring consistent
treatment experience


Understanding and
improving efficacy

“repairing the world”

We embody the philosophy of Tikun Olam.

“Aspiring to behave and to act constructive and beneficially for the welfare of society

Dedicated to improving the quality of life of our patients and providing strains and products they can trust.

We only cultivate premium quality cannabis in the lab, in the field and in concert with our trusted business partners.”

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Unloc Clinic

By learning each patient’s specific needs and how each strain has been shown to manage specific symptoms, Unloc can recommend which strains will be more effective and recommend them accordingly.

1. Screening

Upon completion of a questionnaire, patients are given a guidance session on their cannabis treatment plan.

2. One month

The patient is contacted to check for improvement in their condition to determine is a modification(dosing, change of strain ) in their treatment is necessary

3. Six month

Upon commencement of the treatment plan, a survey is conducted quantifying the treatment and informing the referring physician.

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